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Demon Street page 40 by Alizabith Demon Street page 40 :iconalizabith:Alizabith 2 0
Mature content
Magician and Bird IV: The Storm :iconalizabith:Alizabith 3 2
Beetle by Alizabith Beetle :iconalizabith:Alizabith 11 4
You wring out your dishrag and shake it, watching the droplets catch the light. It's morning and you have all the windows open to let the summer air move though the house. Dawn was barely two hours ago and you've already finished having breakfast and cleaning the house. The whole day stretches out, lazy like a cat, faintly golden as pollen drifts through the air from your garden.
A bee drifts lazily through the air and alights on your outstretched hand. She walks across your palm before flying off again, like a little hello. You follow her through the kitchen and out the back door. Your garden is a thick, wild tangle, only half cultivated and bursting with color. This time of day it's teeming with bees, and when you walk into the grass you are careful about where you put your feet. You walk barefoot in the garden, with breeches underneath your skirts so you can kneel and weed without worrying about your knees. You think perhaps you'll go up to the wild hive this afternoon; it's a three
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 9 2
Mature content
Magician and Bird III: snowfall :iconalizabith:Alizabith 4 0
The Confessor
Father Paul Corrigan settled into the worn confessional seat and waited for the post-mass stream of regulars to file in. He usually took this moment for meditation, a way to steel his nerves. This time, for whatever reason, no prayers would come to him; he twirled a loose thread in the bench over and over around his finger until the flesh turned red and cyanotic white.
It would be old Mrs. Verbena, who came in for the same sins every week: swearing and smoking grass. Or the Daniels boy, who couldn't quite pinpont the time when it was time to stop listing venial sins and go home. He could feel his adam's apple bobbing against his collar as he swallowed.
There was a click as the other confessional door opened, and then a rustling. The silhouette behind the screen crossed themselves in a swift, thoughtless movement.
"Father Paul?" someone whispered.
"Yes?" He hadn't recognized the voice at all. Feminine, but not one of his usual crowd.
More rustling then, and a clearing of the throat. "Um
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 4 3
Mature content
Magician and Bird: the second :iconalizabith:Alizabith 2 4
Mature content
Magician and Bird: the first :iconalizabith:Alizabith 77 19
The Oval Portrait by Alizabith The Oval Portrait :iconalizabith:Alizabith 19 10
The journey of after and between
Once there was a young girl who was swept away one evening on a magical adventure in another land quite unlike her own. While she was there she made friends, and sang songs, and fought monsters and evil kings and queens and tamed beasts and ate strange and wonderful food. And in the end she came home again, different somehow yet still unquestionably herself, and slept in her own bed, and was glad of everything.
Then, the next morning, she woke up. And she was still herself. And she had still been on an adventure. And her bed seemed much smaller than it had the night before, when she was tired and her adventure had been done. It seemed so small that she had to get out of it, and she walked down the stairs in her pajamas still stained with the magical jam she'd eaten in the forest, when she'd met the tree people, and she was still missing the slipper she'd thrown at a troll, to distract it away from her friend the-boy-who-was-also-a-bird. She walked downstairs and sat down at the breakfa
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 3 7
Charlotte awoke to find something sitting at the foot of her bed.
It was small, and ginger-colored, and furry, and looked glum.
"Oh dear," she whispered, extending a hand to it. It padded slowly up towards her and pressed its skull against her fingers, purring softly. She arranged herself into a cross-legged position on the bed and gathered it into her lap.
"Welcome back," she said, not entirely happily. The creature looked up at her with large, deep eyes.
Begrudgingly, she began to run her fingers through its fur. After a minute, though, she picked it up and sat it on the floor before getting up herself, and pulling the blanket off her bed to wrap herself up in. It was too cold here for summer, but she knew why.
She watched the creature slip like a shadow through the crack in the door and then nudged it the rest of the way open. She followed, dragging her blanket behind her and shivering as her feet touched the icy floor.
The front door had been shut and locked, but now hung just slig
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 3 2
Midnights After the End of the World
Whenever I touch my eyes, they itch
That's the first problem I have with living here
Second is I'm dreaming, constantly, about bathtubs.
And every day there's something new inside
Yes, I said day, and every day's a night.
Every dawn I shut the drapes and pull
The slatted blinds across the outside of them,
And in the darkened day I dream of claw-foot bathtubs
And things that come up from the unlit drain
Things with wings that twitch and crawl, and children
And things that wrap too tight around my legs
Every night I'm up to watch the sunset
And as it falls I step outside my door
To see that from the balcony the city spreads,
all glittering beneath my  tightened hands
(and over it glides creature after creature
Stranger than my bathtub-dreams, transmuted things)
And when they're close perhaps I hear them sing
(They sound like flutes.)
My allergies have been constant since the move
(I used to live in light, and was… a priest?
It seems a l
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 11 6
It's a good thing I was a vain guy, or right about now I'd be seeing a lot of dark. Maybe the occasional flash of light, but mostly a lot of dark.
As it is, I see a lot of things. A lot of people browsing in bookshops and libraries. A lot of bedroom ceilings, coffee shops, floors, insides of purses. It's still dull, but it's better than darkness.
I was a pretty famous guy. Back when I was alive, that is. I wrote these mystery novels, detective stories and murder stories. Whenever I put a ghost in, it was fake or a dream or something. There were no ghosts in my stories, really. I didn't believe in that shit.
I always made sure they put my face on the back cover. I had maybe twelve different portraits done, in black and white and full color, and they put them all across the back. No tiny little picture on the back flap, no, my whole face, grinning out like a loon at whoever bought a copy of anything of mine. The autobiography had the picture on the front cover, and there was one biog
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 2 3
Oz 1939
There was nothing- nothing at all, for miles around- to look at except the flatness of Kansas. Sometimes it almost looked like the earth was an ocean and any time now it would rear up and rush at her and swallow her whole.
The storm had taken a house. That part had definitely happened. But it had only been the dog's house, which came off the ground in the wind and struck a horse in the head. She didn't look at that for anything longer than a second, but one second was enough. The humans on the farm had been too concerned about the bump on her head, about losing her, to do anything about the horse right away. But decay has no such reservations. Neither did the flies. She would never quite be able to forget the smell of it, even through the window glass.
The cleanup took a while, shutting all the neighborly skirmishes down for a time, but she should have known it couldn't last. Nothing had changed. It was tough to remember that. Friend to the king and national savior in Oz, nothin
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 4 6
Evenings after the end of the world
Sunset cracks the sky and slips through
In streaks of red and ultra-violet, pollution-fantastic
A perfect complement to the sounds of bats
Some smartass at the college gave them baby faces,
And now no one wants to lay down arsenic-
My landlady saw one body and burst into tears and
I'm going to have to lock my kitten in.
I found a tattoo on my heel last night
I think it happened sometime in the morning.
I nodded off on the train, against the plasti-glass.
When I woke up I was leaning against a monster.
He smiled at me and shook my shoulder
With his squishy white tentacle.
His collar was high- it didn't suit him.
The tattoo shows a curling, smiling creature
Ears trailing like a comet tail, eyes sparkling
Teeth pricking my bone like thorns, and then
I feel its tiny tongue lick my ankle from the inside.
I'm fairly sure it's moving when I sleep.
It's good to have a friend.
At least I think it's good to have a friend.
My windows got bent up while I was sle
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 47 29
Mornings After the End of the World
I am woken in the middle of the dawn's light
By the sound of the butcher's knives going "swack"
In the apartment below
And the sounds of something tapping on the glass at my window.
It creaks at me, and whines and howls
But cannot break through uninvited.
Some rules still apply, even after the end of the world.
The tree rips up its roots and stalks away, unsatisfied.
There's a vampire on the phone
"Have you thought about life insurance?"
I tell her I'm not interested, one life's as good as another.
"Have you thought about eternal life, then?"
"Don't those two things cancel one another out?"
"I'm flexible."
But does it really count if Earth corrodes like the weathermen say it will,
And the vampires are left in the trackless void of space
Wouldn't they explode from lack of air pressure, just like the rest of us?
There's nothing in my place but saltine crackers
Of course, the grocery stores will give you a line of credit for a skin sample
But then there
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 227 95


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if anyone checks this at all anymore, ever, you might notice that most of my writing is now in storage. if you'd like a copy of one of my old stories that is no longer available here, let me know. i'm alizalayne on gmail. 


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hello i barely use this site anymore sorry friends. viewing the olive fields of deviantart is like looking deeply into my own past except there are way more ponies here now



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